Personalized Cancer Treatment

Wouldn’t it be great if doctors could tailor cancer treatment so that exactly the right medicine was given at exactly the right dose at exactly the right time?




ACF and LSUHSC Cancer Center are partnering to improve cancer outcomes and save lives of cancer patients. Recent ACF Funding has brought state-of-the-art genomic cancer research equipment advancements to Louisiana that allows doctors and scientists to:

Determine the genetic changes for each patient’s tumor

Decrease trauma to the patient

Provide Faster results (Researchers can sequence 1 patient vs. waiting for 30 patients and there are shorter wait times to get the results)

Provide cost savings of up to 90% per sample

Increase productivity of interpreting and reporting results to the patient

Tailor medical treatments specifically to each individual patient

Specifically, we are supporting LSUHSC in new developments in cancer genomics and chronic inflammation:

Precision Medicine:   Determine the genetic changes (mutations) in the cancer of each individual patient. This will allow us to better classify the cancer and select the specific drugs that are “targeted” to the unique genetic changes. This will increase the efficacy of the treatment and decrease unnecessary toxicity. In addition, if the tumor reappears, it can be tested again and the treatment modified according to any new changes found.

Separation of single tumor cells and inflammatory cells: Testing the genetic characteristics of single cells is becoming an important diagnostic tool that adds to the development of Precision Medicine approaches in the treatment of cancer.

Determining the number and type of inflammatory cells in the tumor: Measuring the type and number of inflammatory cells in a patient’s tumor has provided information on how the tumor will respond to the treatment. This can only be achieved by testing multiple slides of the tumor using an automated, computer controlled slide scanner.