Chicken Jam Poster




Add the First Commemorative Chicken Jam poster to your collection.  Artwork is by local artist Luis Colmenares (see below about this amazing artist),  Limited Edition signed and numbered print (edition of 100) and the Print is 19×23 (Image size 16×20).

About the Artist:

Luis Colmenares is one of Louisiana’s most respected and highly coveted artists with a reputation for producing eclectic creations of no comparison.  He is a 3-dimensional artist who is as comfortable creating art of stainless steel with a plasma torch as he is when sculpting master pieces out of foam.

Before 2005, Luis had an extremely successful business employing over 25 artists in his Art Metal Studio.  He designed and built over one-hundred New Orleans restaurants interiors.  Throughout the previous decades, his studio had taken in two to three interns every year totaling over 60 aspiring artists.  Then in the blink of an eye, the city of New Orleans was flooded after Hurricane Katrina.  Once the water was cleared, Luis found his studio destroyed, his equipment missing and his stable of artist scattered around the county.

During the flood, Luis turned his artistic skills towards humanitarian purposes as his actions help to save the lives of many, many people in and around his neighborhood. During the recovery, he repaired over 100-roofs and build three houses. The period following the flood meant starting over from scratch for Luis’s Colmenares Art Metal Studios.  In spite of having to do so, Luis has worked his way back to prominence in the New Orleans art community by producing awe inspiring creations.  Much of the most inspiring art projects of the past decade in and around New Orleans have been of his creation.