Why Support

Currently, Louisiana has high cancer rankings* yet receives less than 1% of nationally awarded financial resources for cancer research. ACF provides needed local funding for research and programs that hope to be the foundation for tomorrow’s cures. All employee expenses and general overhead costs are paid for by the Copeland Family of Restaurants.

MC900189598[1]*Louisiana ranks 6th for cancer diagnosis and 4th for cancer deaths in the U.S.

tOver $1.8 Million Dollars Contributed to Cancer Research

 In 8 short years, ACF has donated over $1.3 Million Dollars to cancer research and helped support critical research programs including:


  • $1 Million Al Copeland/Cancer Crusaders Endowed Chair in Neuroendocrine Cancer at LSU Health Sciences Center
  • Copeland/LSUHSC Partnership in Cancer, Viruses & Immunotherapy
  • Helped open the first clinic for HIV-AIDS patients with cancer in the Gulf South region
  • Helped initiate a new clinical trial of lung cancer vaccine at LSUHSC

Hands on a globeWhy Not Here? Why Not Now? Why Not Us?

The cure for Cancer could be found at any time, in any place. Our goal is to make it happen here and now. We CAN find the cure…LSUHSC has already made these incredible discoveries, to mention a few:


  • LSUHSC conducted a landmark study showing that second-hand smoke can cause lung cancer in people who have never smoked. These findings led the Environmental Protection Agency to designate second-hand smoke as a Class A carcinogen.
  • LSUHSC was the first to link cigarette smoking to hardening of the arteries – the major cause of heart disease.
  • LSUHSC discovered the link between treatable bacteria – Helicobacter pylori – and stomach cancer.

The support from ACF is helping LSUHSC do more cancer research that will eventually save lives. With the federal research budget shrinking, fewer grants are being funded and that means less research can be done.

The ACF support helped LSUHSC develop a unique program in viruses, cancer, and immunotherapy. Funding supports research on how viruses are involved in the development of cancer and new approaches to stop or prevent it.

ACF support will help bring new clinical trials of new drugs and treatments to patients in this region. This kind of research is expensive. Clinical trials are expensive. They require an administrative as well as an organizational structure. Specialized nursing care is necessary to administer the trials. Administrative support is necessary to interact with the FDA and other regulatory agencies, collect data, meet reporting requirements, etc. But it’s how we move forward and make a real difference. One of the best examples of this is the HPV vaccine.


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